Message from the chairman

Message from the chairman

I open up a new page of Ibaraki. Let's make IBARAKI cheerful.

Chairman; Masato OBATA

Chairman Masato OBATA

Evaluating from nature, geography, a climate, the history, Ibaraki is a prefecture of the high potential. Advantaged in a warm climate, broad flatland, abundant water, it also has a many northern and southern limit of the animals and plants which makes a environment that the various animal and plant can live. Even it is near the Tokyo metropolitan are, it still has the rich nature, and what is more, it is a big merit that it is known as a prefecture with a few disasters.

These years, our prefecture are interested by the people live in metropolitan area as a The place which they can dream of rich life, living with nature. Also, it has enough possibility of development for being a one of the best prefecture which produce agricultural crops in Japan etc.

Regarding a historical background, it is a rich country called as tokoyonokuni written in Fudoki. It is also place of Rebellion of Taira Masakado which became a Turning point from the ancient times to the samurai society and a place of Mitogaku which became a base of the switch from the samurai nation to the modern society.
It also a good example of showing a unique charm of Ibaraki that the British garden city was originally designed from Japanese Kanto area.

Improving this place which has a potential of good quality and where I was born, I would like to make cheerful Ibaraki with citizens of the prefecture.
Let's make a cheerful Ibaraki with me, Masato OBATA.

A policy to realize new Ibaraki

  1. Promote decentralization which come with the authority and a source of revenue, to "the aggressive administrative reform" with the future prospects
  2. A mop-up and widespread utilization of the wide area traffic network.
    From the times of making it to the times of spending cleverly..
  3. Industrial development
    The promotion of the company invitation, upbringing of pioneering industries, establishment of profitable agriculture
  4. Secure security and the relief of the living
    The Countermeasures to the falling birthrate, the substantiality of medical care / welfare and the prevention of the disaster
  5. Development of person carrying the future of Ibaraki
    Development of the heart to love nature, the history, culture of Ibaraki
  6. Rich natural environments to coming ages
    Protect precious nature carefully and connect it to the next generation
  7. The activation of the prefecture north area
  8. Image enhancement of Ibaraki by making residents of the prefecture in a body.

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